speakersWhen it comes to music technology, there is plenty of room for creativity. Music lovers particularly benefit from advances in technology as music reproductions become ever more high-quality and portable. Music technology can also be incredibly stylish, as the six groovy speakers in this list show. Continue Reading

duckgosnowA slight sense of paranoia has always existed when it comes to protecting online user data. Just look at the furore that erupted with Google Street View. Residents chased one of Google’s cars out of a village in England and the Germans were so fearful of the marauding camera-equipped vehicles that they started blotting out their houses. Even today, Germany is conspicuous by its lack coverage in comparison with other European countries.

That ever present fear was sent into fever pitch in June 2013 when Edward Snowden made one of the most significant intelligence leaks in U.S. history. His disclosures have heightened the debate on mass surveillance and information privacy as well as asking questions about what search giants including Google and Yahoo are actually doing with users’ data.

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call_recordingFor many businesses – especially the larger ones – trying to deal with a high influx of calls can be something of a challenge and in a number of cases it means that not every phone call is handled as effectively as it should have. More often than not, it is your customers that are left feeling dissatisfied. It is a highly competitive world in which customers have the final say on whether or not they wish to conduct business with you. It is important that your levels of communication are up to scratch so that you can effectively deal with their requests and improve your overall customer service. Continue Reading

smartphoneAn increasing number of insurances companies and stand-alone businesses are capitalising on the underwhelming durability of today’s smartphones. It is extremely common for today’s smartphones to break, become lost or stolen before the end of the assigned provider contract. This has led to a rise in the number of providers of electronic device insurance as a single policy, rather than including it in house contents or valuables. These types of insurance offer specific conditions for dropping the phone, water damage and theft. Continue Reading

computer screenNot so long ago on users’ desktops were occupied with huge monitors with cathode-ray tube. Very soon bulky CRT monitors were replaced with first liquid crystal displays, and our pockets were filled with all sorts of gadgets having the screen as a core element. Today an average user faces numerous strange terms and technologies and sometimes it is difficult to understand the difference and find the most appropriate gadget. This article is written for average customers and doesn’t contain numerous terms and deep knowledge of certain emerging technology. The article is aimed to help customers in purchasing monitors, smartphone or tablet.   Continue Reading

emerging_technologyFrom Bell’s telephone to Jobs’ iPhone revolution, from the Model-T to the electric car, there is emerging technology that evolves along a timeline most aptly described as a series of paradigm shifts. In a culture where pocket-sized supercomputers are the norm, many have conjectured at what frontier of technology will be pioneered next. Science is on the cusp of many exciting developments that blur lines between science fiction and postmodern reality, and five of the most exciting are: Continue Reading

3d_printingWhile technological advancements are happening all of the time, there are a few revolutionary pieces of technology that are capable of changing the world. One such emerging technology is 3D printing. Though it’s still in its infancy, there has been a lot of praise and controversy surrounding these printers. Not only that, but the technology is being adapted to useful applications that could change overall manufacturing, the medical industry and more.

What is 3D Printing?

These machines use successive layers of powder, liquid and other mediums to print out a 3D model from a computer. The models can range from nearly anything, and the plastic used can be soft or hard, depending on the needs of the user. Continue Reading

The growth in tablet sales over the last couple of years has been phenomenal. They have gone from being an emerging technology to a part of our lives so much so that the IDC predict that more than 227 million tablets will ship by the end of 2013.

As a part of our 25 year celebration we have been looking at how different technologies have changed since 1988. This time we have looked at tablets and it is amazing how far this mobile technology has come from the GRIDpad in 1989 to the iPad and the latest Windows tablet the Surface 2. The timeline below shows how tablets have evolved over the last 25 years – who knows what they’ll look like in 5 years time. Continue Reading

future_gadgetThe quicker high-tech develops, the more people trust in predictions, such as Nostradamus, a tribe of May, etc. But today we will try ourselves to predict the future, but we take only one separate branch – technology with its gizmos and gadgets of the future. This forecast will be not absolutely usual. In this article you can find only accurate and concrete thoughts of hi-tech industry development. Continue Reading

25_yearsTwenty-five years is a long time but in the world of technology it is the equivalent of a millennium. Since Insight was founded way back in 1988 so much has changed, developments such as the internet which was considered an emerging technology is now a significant part of our daily lives. One of the most interesting things to note is how quickly mobile technology such as tablets and smartphones have become popular with consumers and businesses. Apple sold more than 14 million iPads in Q2 of this year, this is phenomenal considering the iPad was only released in 2010.

The timeline below shows how technology has evolved and changed over the last 25 years, we can’t wait to see what will be developed over the next 25. Continue Reading

car_gadgetsCars are very useful machines that make traveling easier and more convenient in our daily lives. Today everyone wants to Live a luxurious Life and this is only possible with the help of Technology . With the help of  Emerging Technology , Gadgets have taken a new form. Technology plays an important role in Auto-motives we have many Gizmos and Gadgets For our Dream Car.Therefore, the following are just but a few gadgets that all car owners should consider installing in their cars for fun, convenience and safety. Continue Reading

web_designWith the popularity of the iPhone still holding strong and other manufacturers picking up the slack where the Apple brand fails to reach; there is no end in sight to the advent of developers designing sites that are tailored to mobile devices.

And while some developers have found it easier than others to become early adopters of the technical and structural nuances involved in designing sites expressly for mobile devices in website design, there are some essential steps novices can take to make a website that is fully capable of exploiting the versatility of mobile technology.

Here are some things to consider when designing for mobile devices: Continue Reading

smartphonesolAfter the success of the big Samsung Galaxy S3, it is now time to turn the attention towards the newer Galaxy S4 and HTC One which have proved to be amazing full-featured smartphones. Apart from Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, the other smartphones that have made it to the top this year include Sony Xperia Z, Sony Xperia ZL and LG Nexus 4. The mid-2013 has seen various new additions to the smartphones that includes the buttery smooth Jelly Bean, beautiful displays, high-quality cameras, 4G LTE connectivity, etc. Here, some of the best gadgets and gizmos listed that provide various features along with amazing hardware making them the best mobile phones in america.

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data_centersData centers are becoming the easiest way to backup your files, it is also great to use for personal backups too! Many years ago these centres were just for massive corporations and other company giants, with emerging technologies it is now possible to store far more servers in the same warehouse, this of course means that they have hundreds of thousands of gigabytes which they are now able to rent out space to me, you and businesses. Continue Reading

androidToday, Android is the most popular operating system for the majority of smartphones. According to ITC data, this platform has taken 75% of the global smartphone market in the 3rd quarter of 2012. But smartphone and app dominance is not enough for the Android developers: very often they use this mobile technology for other devices that have already become a part of our lives a long time ago.

 We decided to gather the five most unusual Android devices for you. Some of these gizmos and gadgets are hard to imagine with Android, but anyway, they exist. So, here is our top five. You are welcome to add more Android devices in your comments if you find some of them unusual and interesting to pay attention to. Continue Reading

tech_advertisingAs time passes and people continue to use social media, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember that it was seventy years ago when the number of radio and television stations for companies to advertise on was very limited.

Today, anyone who uses a free app or logs into a Facebook game will see a myriad of advertisements targeted specifically to him or her. Advertising is an industry that is constantly changing and the popularity of mobile technology is just another step this industry will take. One of the biggest changes in the advertising industry is the use of new, less conventional, forms of advertising. Continue Reading

Although the music industry isn’t always easy to break into, many dedicated and forward thinking musicians have successfully made a livelihood out of their efforts and have scored it big in their relationships. They’ve done so despite fluctuating conditions and advancements that have made today’s industry drastically different than even a decade ago.

Music technology falls into several categories, and although it can offer ways to streamline tasks, promote new songs and increase attendance at gigs, some musical professionals still shun technological advances and prefer to stick with old methods. Keep reading to discover details about some helpful app choices and how your career can benefit from them. Continue Reading